Children's Foam Throwing Paper Airplane Toy

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50cm blue
50cm red
50cm pink
50cm yellow
50cm orange
50cm green
50cm purple
50cm Rose powder
50cm orange Upgrade
50cm blue Upgrade
50cm red Upgrade
50cm green Upgrade
50cm Rose Upgrade
50cm purple Upgrade
50cm pitch green
50cm yellow Upgrade



Take your child outdoors for a fun time flying in the sky. ThisChildren's Foam Throwing Paper Airplane Toy can really soar and glide through the air! You can take these paper airplanes out to the park and really let them fly. Your children will have a blast watching the foam paper airplane zooming by.

You don't need a smartphone or video game to entertain your kid, do you? Have fun outdoors and get some sun on your children's skin when playing with these paper airplanes. They're extra big and always spark the imagination of any child throwing one!

Key Features

  • Extra-large paper airplane that can fly high in the sky
  • Great way to get your children to have fun in the outdoors
  • Ordermultiple paper airplanes for all your kids so they can play together
  • 100% safe and non-toxic materials 

Watch your children have a blast with our Children's Foam Throwing Paper Airplane Toy andorder yours today!

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