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Having trouble feeding your little baby now that you are starting to introduce pureed vegetables and fruit into their diet? Always end up having to use a separate bottle for their drinking liquid and a bowl to place the pureed food on the other? Then you better own the Easy Meal Time Newborn Baby Feeder Bottle and make baby feeding easy and convenient for you! 

  • WITH A FUNCTIONAL 2 IN 1 DESIGN, you can easily place the pureed food onto the bottle and use the spoon head to easily dispense the content of the bottle towards the spoon by tilting the body. This way, it will be easy for you to release the puree or return the crushed veggies or fruits without making a mess.
  • MADE FROM PREMIUM FOOD-GRADE SILICONE, this baby food feeder is safe to use for your little one! It is non-toxic and will not alter the taste of the puree. 

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 Product Details:

  • Material: Silica gel
  • Capacity: 90ml
  • Material Feature: Latex Free
  • Material Feature: Nitrosamine Free
  • Material Feature: Phthalate Free
  • Material Feature: BPA Free
  • Material Feature: PVC Free
  • Mouth Size: Wide Mouth
  • Bottle Material: Silica gel
  • Spoon Material: PP

Customer Reviews

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In action, I have not tried it yet, but I'm happy with the quality. I think everything will be fine. I wanted a similar one for the first child, but in stores it is expensive, now I ordered a junior, I hope it will be useful. The picture shows that the spoon is soft, in fact it is plastic, and the bottle itself is stlykon. I would certainly like to vice versa


Je valide


Бутылочка из мягкого силикона и при надавливании смесь выдавливается в ложечку-это удобно. Сверху на ложку одевается синяя крышка, но достаточно с усилием, может пока новая и разработается. На дне бутылочки есть поисоска и это очень и очень удобно т. к. бутылочка узкая и без неё бы падала от "ветра". Объём 90мл, на бутылочке есть мерная шкала. Могу рекомендовать к покупке




Super soft silicone bottle