Animated Colors Pretty Girl Elastic Hair Band

Colors-100 Pcs-Bag
Black slub-100 Pcs
Black-100 Pcs-Bag
Mix 3-100 Pcs-Bag
Mix 4-100 Pcs-Bag
Mix slub-100 Pcs-Bag
Mix 2-100 Pcs-Bag
2-50 Pcs
Pink-100 Pcs-bag
1-50 Pcs
14-100 Pcs
15-100 Pcs
13-100 Pcs
3-100 Pcs
7-100 Pcs
4-100 Pcs
5-100 Pcs
9-100 Pcs
Mix 5-1500 Pcs-Bag
Black-1500 Pcs-Bag
Mix 3-1500 Pcs-Bag
Mix 4-1500 Pcs-Bag
Mix 6-200 Pcs-Bag
Mix 1-1500 Pcs-Bag
Mix 2-1500 Pcs-Bag
A-100 Pcs
B-100 Pcs
C-100 Pcs
black 4 cm 100 Pcs
D-100 Pcs
E-100 Pcs
F-100 Pcs
M-100 Pcs
G-100 Pcs
L-100 Pcs
H100 Pcs
K-100 Pcs
J-100 Pcs
I-100 Pcs
I-100 Pcs 2
H-100 Pcs-Bag
G-100 Pcs-Bag
D-100 Pcs-Bag
.C-100 Pcs-Bag
A-100 Pcs-Bag
Green-100 Pcs-Bag
Mix 7-100 Pcs-Bag

Keep your little girls’ hair always looking neat and proper. Whether she is going to school, playing with her friends at the park, just at home helping you with your task, or when she is with the rest of the family. Tying her hair in a comfortable style will help her feel at ease all throughout the day. Grab the Animated Colors Pretty Girl Elastic Hair Band and you’ll never run out of elastic bands to use! 

  • CUTE HAIR BAND TIE FOR YOUR PRINCESS as it comes in different colors and prints that you can easily mix and match with her outfit. From plain black to shades of pink, blue, brown, and even rainbow colors!
  • MADE FROM DURABLE MATERIAL, they are easy to stretch allowing you to style your daughter's hair using these hairbands for girls with ease. They won't easily break or tear off which is great if you are looking for long-lasting elastic hair bands for your little girl. 

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Product Details:

  • Comes With 40 Hair Band Pieces
  • Material: Plastic, Spandex