Girls Autumn Colored Corduroy Ribbed Pants

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Make everyday fun and cozy for your little girl in our Girls Autumn Colored Corduroy Ribbed Pants. Using sustainable cotton fabric, elegant autumn colors, and extreme comfort, these girls' ribbed pants are a must. Seams run down the pants and create a classic corduroy look that's extra cute.

The bottom of these girls' ribbed pants features a crochet knitted cuff that boosts its overall elegance. Pick from multiple soft, autumn-themed colors and make your baby girl smile!

Key Features

  • The perfect pants to dress your little girl in the Autumn months
  • Elegant crochet patterns on the cuffs for extra flair 
  • Ribbed fabric that creates a "stripe" style look
  • Extremely soothing and soft fabric that will comfort your daughter 

Dress your daughter for comfort in our Girls Autumn Colored Corduroy Ribbed Pants and order yours today!

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