Bright and Bubbly Nylon Basic Elastic Hair Band

Sky blue
Rose red
dark colors mix
mix colors 11
crude mix 8
mix colors 7
crude mix 1
mix colors 6
crude mix 5
crude mix 6
mix colors 1
crude mix 7
light colors mix
mix colors 9
mix colors 3
mix colors 10
mix colors 5
mix colors 2
crude mix 2
mix colors 4
mix colors 13
crude mix 4
mix colors 12
Light green
mix colors 8
crude black
crude mix 3

Why get black elastic hair ties when you can get them in all colors! Don’t just get one hair tie, get 100 of them! Add the Bright and Bubbly Nylon Basic Elastic Hair Band to your little girls' hair tie collection and expand your hair styling capabilities when you have elastic hair ties ready for you to use all the time! 

  • COMES IN A 100 PIECE SET so that you can have a variety of colors to use on your daughter and you won't ever run out of them! Whether you use one, two, or even 20 at the same time, you will still have a lot of extra ties to use! This is great when your little girl invites her friends over for some playtime!
  • MADE WITH STRETCHABLE MATERIAL so that you can easily style your daughter's hair whether you are aiming for a high or low ponytail, a pigtail, braids, or just about any hairstyle you can think of. 

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Product Details:

  • Size: Diameter about 3.0cm
  • Material: Nylon