Mermaid Pearl Scrunchies

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Got an on-the-spot invitation for a dinner at a fancy restaurant? You already have a dress in mind but not sure what to do with your hair? Why not take out your fancy Mermaid Pearl Scrunchies and tie your hair into a messy bun! It's quick, it's easy, yet you will exude sophistication and grace without much effort! 

  • AVAILABLE IN BEAUTIFUL PEARL SHADES from grey, red, pink, blush, white, and a lot more colors that you can easily match with your elegant dress! This is the perfect hair tie that you can use instead of just picking ordinary elastic hair ties on your drawer.
  • THE ELEGANT PEARLS ATTACHED ON THE HAIR TIE will give your hair a touch of grace and sophistication, unlike your regular day-to-day cute hairband. It exudes class while giving you a stylish look no matter what your outfit may be! 

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Product Details:

  • Material: Nylon