Princess Mermaid Pearls Hair Clips

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Pearls are a symbol of perfection; it represents hidden knowledge and is highly feminine. Treat your precious little girl just like a pearl and let them know that they are perfect the way they are! Have them wear any of the Princess Mermaid Pearls Hair Clips and always be reminded how flawless your daughter is to you and to everyone who loves her. 

  • COMES IN DIFFERENT SET COMBINATION so that you can design your baby girl’s hair with a variety of designs and looks. This hair clip for girls is a great accent piece for any occasion – may it be a normal day at home, a day at the mall, or even when they are attending a birthday party!
  • AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT HAIR CLIP STYLE, you will have a variety of choices and options on how you would like to style your little girl’s hair depending on the event she is going to attend! Better yet, go tweening with her and use the same pearl clips from the collection! 

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Product Details:

  • Size: 7cm
  • Material: Metal + Pearl