Vibrant and Colorful Ring Elastic Hair Band

Colour 8
Colour 5
Colour 12
Colour 10
Colour 9
Colour 6
Colour 3
Colour 13
Colour 17
Colour 15
Colour 16
500 Black 500 Mix2
Colour 7
Colour 18
Colour 2
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Colour 11
Colour 1
Colour 20
Colour 19
500 lack 500 Mix5
500 Black 500 Mix4
Colour 14
500 Black 500 Mix6
500 Black 500 Mix1
500 Black 500 Mix3
500 Black 500 White

Fasten the hair of your little girl and style it up in different ways! Use any of the Vibrant and Colorful Ring Elastic Hair Band and you’ll never have to worry about your baby girl losing a piece of these elastic hair ties as you still have lots available to use! 

  • AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT COLORS so that you won't just opt to use black elastic hair ties as you have a variety of colors to choose from! Grab a bunch of different colors and make your daughter's hair look like they have a rainbow sprawled all over them. They will definitely have a smile on their face when they see your finished design!
  • USING HIGHLY STRETCHABLE ELASTIC RING BANDS, you can comfortably style the hair of your little one without having to exert force on their hair! Avoid stressing the strands of your girl’s hair by tying it lightly! 

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Product Details:

  • Material: Elastic
  • Diameter: About 1.5 cm (0.6 inch)